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Model: XL900 © The Brindabella

XL Series

Addressing the demand for incorporating stretched flames into custom-designed settings, the linear features of the XL burners perfectly combine their sleek parallel lines with the clean lines of today’s contemporary living. An elegant, bright, elongated flame helps ‘make’ an indoor or outdoor room and creates a distinctive drawcard.

Perfectly and easily integrated into media units, cabinetry, walls, pillars, timber or stone benches, XL ethanol burners come three sizes depending on the style you want to achieve. The many, diverse installations around the world are testament to the versatility of these amazing burners.

Individual Designs

A primary tool for home build professionals, can be readily incorporated into diverse materials – concrete, hard timber, marble, stacked stone, stainless steel, to name but a few.

Standalone or integrated

Create a feature piece just with an XL burner or choose from one of the stainless steel Firebox Inserts featuring an elongated burner.

Reliable Ethanol Burner

XL ethanol burners feature a shut off mechanism and operate under all conditions, at all temperatures, every time.


Powered by clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol, with no harmful by-products such as smoke, soot or ash.

Easily Operated

Features a ‘flip lid’ shut-off system that fits perfectly across the ignition zone to extinguish the flame.

Flame Regulation

Purpose-designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and further stabilise the flame at the same time as increasing fuel efficiency.