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Dramatic entrance

Located in Times Square, in the heart of New York City’s theatre district, it made sense that the centrepiece of the Paramount Hotel lobby be somewhat dramatic.

For Meaghan Wren from interior design firm Meyer Davis and project manager for the lobby renovation, the new lobby is a ‘modern interpretation of theatre.’ And she has created a design statement that epitomises that philosophy.

Three mounted EcoSmart XL burners magnified threefold by sheets of polished stainless steel have replaced a winding staircase that previously occupied the space, creating a warm and moody atmosphere.

“We wanted it to feel a bit like someone’s living room, which is what we’ve done with the eclectic seating arrangements,” Meaghan says. “Drawing inspiration from the theatrical district, it is still very grand with its two storey-high ceiling... The energy of the space needed to draw people in and therefore make it a place for them to socialise and interact with other guests.”

Reopened in February this year, the 2800 square foot lobby was just one part of a $40 million renovation of the iconic Paramount Hotel; other additions include a restaurant, café and meeting spaces.

With the lobby, Meaghan has perfectly executed her client’s vision for the space.

“They were involved in the design process in that they gave me direction on what they wanted the feel of the room to be,” she explains. “They wanted the space to be a destination rather than just a walk through.”

A big part of drawing people into the room is the indoor fireplace and its surroundings, which have been designed to produce a very specific effect. Assorted lighting arrangements and pops of red and yellow in the upholstery complement the warmth of the flame.

“We designed the polished stainless steel fireplace to reflect the flame further upward and outwards into the room; it’s such a large, grand space, and so it needed to be bigger to reflect the light and the warmth throughout the whole space,” Meaghan says. “The fire creates a great energy.”

This is not the first time Meaghan has used an EcoSmart fire in a client project; she has previously installed burners in several other hotels and private residences. She names the design flexibility of EcoSmart as the key reason she favours the product.

“It really is the ideal choice when incorporating fire into a space that needs to be ventless,”

Meaghan Wren, Meyer Davis

“We couldn’t have a vent going from the lobby on the ground floor through the entire hotel!”


  • Country: United States
  • Client: Paramount Hotel
  • Specifier: Meyer Davis Studio
  • Photographer: Michel Arnaud