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This year we are celebrating 20 YEARS of EcoSmart Fire!
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An “opulent New York loft with raw aesthetics and industrial elements” – this is the vision renowned Australian hair stylist Anthony Nader had for his refurbished salon in the trendy inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

That is exactly what has been achieved with the combination of blonde wood, exposed brick, copper piping, wooden beams and an EcoSmart burner.

Joe Snell of Snell Architects worked with Anthony to develop the design concept, and with Snell’s legendary eye for detail, Anthony was all ears when he suggested looking into an EcoSmart fire for the space.

“As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to have one,” says Anthony

“You pay for the quality of the product, and other brands just can’t compare to EcoSmart with their design.”

Anthony, Raw Hair

“Lots of hair salons have fireplaces, but they are mostly very traditional, and I knew I wanted something more modern and contemporary for RAW. We like to be a bit different here!”

‘A bit different’ is a modest appraisal of what RAW encapsulates – exposed, raw materials that still feel expensive create an ‘under construction” look but with a polished finish.

Quality finishes is what you would expect from Calida Builders, the same construction company that renovated the Sydney Giorgio Armani store, multiple Sass & Bide shops and the Westfield Bondi Junction Tiffany & Co.

Situated on the corner of Commonwealth and Campbell streets in Surry Hills, the salon has many windows that allow passers-by to glimpse the fire.

“The fire is a great focal point for people who are walking past and looking in,” says Anthony. “We keep the fire turned on almost 24/7 so it certainly gets everyone’s attention!”

Those lucky enough to secure an appointment inside RAW Hair are also treated to the mesmerising effect of the indoor fireplace.

“The salon is split into two sections by a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that was built around the EcoSmart fire,” explains Anthony. “The shelf contains a mixture of objects that are placed there as reflections of what RAW is… books, vases of flowers, little pieces of art, some products. You can see straight through from the main salon area into the wash basin area at the back.”

“It’s a completely different mood in there; it is soundproofed so we have different music and lighting. As clients get their hair washed they can look straight through the fire place and see the rest of the salon. I think it joins the whole space together nicely.”