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Model: Scope 700 © Private Client - Australia

Scope Series

These easy to install grates bring new life to old and unused fireplaces thanks to their use of clean burning e-NRG bioethanol. The ventless and self-contained Scope Series can simply be slipped into pre-existing fireplaces and lit within minutes. Made from iron and protected by a matte black powder caot, the convenient grate inserts complement traditional and contemporary fireplaces alike.

Revitalise with Ease

EcoSmart’s Fireplace Grates enable architects, interior designers and homeowners to revitalise an existing fireplace or create a unique fireplace feature without the costs associated with installing a chimney, flue, or gas connection.

Complementary Aesthetic

Designed to complement traditional hearths and custom spaces, EcoSmart’s Fireplace Grates make it easy to reinvigorate old, disused, wood-burning fireplaces.

Easy Maintenance

Ethanol fires don’t leave any carbon residue, so are incredibly easy to keep clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and again.