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Model: 1200SS © Studio City

Custom Fireboxes

EcoSmart Fire offers a broad selection of versatile fireboxes designed to meet a wide variety of project needs and requirements. If what you’re looking for is not listed on our site, our technical advisers will consult and work with you to create a personalized firebox tailor made to your specifications. Full drawings and project cost estimations are provided at no cost and with no obligation. You provide the design direction and we’ll take care of the technical specifications - simply tell us your vision and receive a quote within 48-hours. From concept to completion, the entire process takes just 8 weeks!

Custom Fireboxes

Made to order in the USA, our custom fireboxes are
manufactured to your precise specifications.

Easy to Install

Whether you’re enhancing a new design or designing within an existing one, installing a custom fire feature is incredibly simple.

Customisable Surroundings

EcoSmart firebox inserts have been designed to work well with a wide range of building materials and finishes.

Zero Clearance

EcoSmart’s Fireboxes can be placed directly against combustible materials like wood, drywall/gyprock or panelling.


Simple to keep clean, ensuring they not only stay looking great for years to come, but burn cleanly and efficiently.

No Connections

The burner houses all the fuel, so you don’t need to run pipes or cables through the walls.

1. Standard (with back) Including the element of fire in in outdoor spaces creates an impressive style statement.
2. Double Sided (no back) See-through open fires provide a distinctive design element and enhance the feeling of space.
3. Peninsula (open 3 sides) EcoSmart's fireboxes offer the ultimate in fire design simplicity and flexibility.
4. Corner (open 2 sides) The endless flexibility is appealing to architects, interior designers, builders and homeowners.

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