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Model: Lighthouse Series © Hunters Hill - Australia

Lighthouse Series

As the name conjures up, EcoSmart’s Lighthouse Series provides a clear and mesmerising light – perfect for illuminating outdoor areas and providing a stunning focal point for any alfresco location. The cylindrical fireplace design ensures the flame can be easily seen and enjoyed. Made with weatherproof materials including toughened glass and classic concreate composite, the lighthouse fires are created for myriad purposes – lighting up a space, creating a design statement or spectacular entrance feature, and enhancing the warmth and ambience of all types of outdoor – or indoor – rooms’.

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Fuelled by readily available, clean-burning, environmentally friendly bioethanol.

Solo or Series

The Lighthouse series of freestanding fireplaces are striking either by themselves or as a series.

Easy to Relocate

The fires don’t have to sit permanently in one place; they can be easily moved.

AB3 Burner

The Lighthouse fires features an efficient AB3 ethanol burner, which burns for up to 11 hours.

Four Colour Options

Available in Natural, Bone, Graphite or Rust these models will blend in perfectly with any decor.

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