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Fluid™ Concrete Technology

Fluid concrete technology

Timeless pieces from EcoSmart

EcoSmart fire features are synonymous with quality, substance and enduring style and now those same qualities can be applied to our extensive concrete collection.

Incredibly strong yet relatively lightweight, EcoSmart’s concrete fire pits incorporate revolutionary Fluid™ Concrete Technology, which is eight times the tensile strength of common Portland concrete. Fluid features a stain and impact-resistant barrier that protects the concrete from environmental weathering – even under extreme conditions and long UV exposure.

Fluid’s customised curing process allows each EcoSmart piece to rest and set in quality controlled conditions, producing a consistently beautiful indoor and outdoor collection of designer concrete that last longer than traditional composites.

The benefits to you

From small residential pieces to large-scale commercial designs, EcoSmart’s high-quality concrete collection provides interior designers, shopfitters and homeowners with high-quality, durable design solutions.

  • Engineered with precision, your model will be free of mould lines or unsightly joins
  • Incredibly strong yet relatively lightweight formula is easy to relocate
  • Completely sealed on all surfaces (inside and outside), creating a weather-proof and impervious finish
  • Minimal variation in sheen creates a consistent and reliable product
  • Three times more scratch resistant than most concrete products
  • Repels dust and debris, making it easier to clean
  • Resistant to ethanol, soy, red wine, mustard, vinegar, salt and tomato sauce
  • Enhanced UV protection keeps the concrete looking good for longer

Testing Videos

5 minute stain test

Dry mud test

Scuff test

Build your concrete oasis

Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, our new concrete collection is available in 4 distinct colors that will compliment your setting. With its self-contained energy source, generous sideboard and portable construction, EcoSmart's freestanding fire tables become the focal point of every setting. Fuelled by environmentally-friendly bioethanol, the fully integrated, multifunctional design means homeowners can enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of a real fire without the inconvenience of burning real wood – that means no more embers, ash and soot to clean up.

Base 40 concrete fire table

Base 40 concrete fire table

Multi-function concrete table doubles as a stylish fire pit. Make it the centre for entertainment.

Wharf 65 concrete fire table

Wharf 65 concrete fire table

Evoke the atmosphere of an open fire minus the mess, odour, sparks and soot.

Ark 40 concrete fire table

Ark 40 concrete fire table

A curvaceous conversation pit that brings friendship and fire together in one slick mix.

Gin 90 concrete fire table

Gin 90 concrete fire table

Elegance, function and carefully conceived features combine to create a stunning focal point in the multi-functional Gin 90 Series of fire pit tables.

Manhattan 50 concrete fire table

Manhattan 50 concrete fire table

Taking its cues from one of the world's most densely populated cities where real estate prices are sky-high and square footage comes at a premium price is a fire table that combines ingenuity with functionality.

Martini 50 concrete fire table

Martini 50 concrete fire table

Elegant, simple, and ever so functional, the Martini Fire Table is perfect for entertaining. With sufficient space to set down food or drinks, the fire becomes a welcoming destination for guests to gather around. With a sunken circular flame at its centre Martini certainly knows how to grab your attention.