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Fiery reflections

Portsea Private Pool Pavilion
Jason Camenzuli (CLP architecture).
Portsea Private Pool Pavilion
Jason Camenzuli (CLP architecture).
Portsea Private Pool Pavilion
Jason Camenzuli (CLP architecture).

The dramatic tension between fire and water created when EcoSmart XL900 burner was incorporated into a pool house was the perfect design solution for the Portsea Private Pool Pavilion project.

The brief given to design Architect Jason Camenzuli from CLP Architecture Pty Ltd was to craft a pool house that was to serve as a framed backdrop to the main living area of the residence that would become a feature element at night. It also needed to provide space for food preparation and cooking.

“The concept was to provide a modern floating pavilion,” says Jason. “The entire frame ‘floats’ above the ground seemingly supported by an illuminated sheet of water.”

The EcoSmart Fire strategically placed above a water feature of the same length certainly makes the pool house the aesthetic feature of the outdoor entertainment area, with the fire seeming to shine even brighter due to its reflection in the movement of the water below.

Jason says the low maintenance nature of the EcoSmart XL900 also played a part in the decision to incorporate it into the design.

“Fire was incorporated as a dramatic contrasting element to water, as the two traditional elements help create an aesthetic tension and drama at night,”

Jason Camenzuli, CLP Architecture Pty Ltd

The project team, consisting of Jason and co-worker Peter Collings, needed to create a practical space that was also a visually appealing addition to the client’s private pool.

A mixture of natural colours and textures, including whites and rich-hued timber, provided the level of contrast needed to emphasise particularly the elements of fire and water. The outdoor fire is flanked by a bespoke white bench / cabinet at one end and a lounge at the other.

“The basic component elements of the pavilion are a black steel frame internally wrapped with hardwood timber slats, and there is a mosaic tiled black screen backdrop with bubble reference cut-outs, with a floating horizontal white furniture zone,” says Jason. “The colours and materials were chosen to differentiate and highlight various component elements.”

The steel box that encompasses the EcoSmart Fire was an element incorporated to emphasise the EcoSmart XL900 burner; at night the box glows orange with the light of the flame, giving the pool house a beautiful glow.

Built by KLE Building and joinery by Krueger Shopfitters, the project is a fabulous addition to the client’s existing pool area.

“It certainly achieves the dramatic backdrop whilst also satisfying the functional requirements of the brief,” says Jason.


  • Country: Australia
  • Specifier: Jason Camenzuli
  • Photographer: Jason Camenzuli