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Design professional Susan Jay has a simple design philosophy: “I believe my clients’ lifestyle dictates the design,” she says. “The design is a portrait of their lifestyle.”

It’s with this in mind that Susan, principal of Susan Jay Design in Los Angeles, created an amazing piece of fine furniture in the master bedroom of a Southern Californian home. “It was derived from my clients’ desire to view the television and fireplace from their bed,” Susan explains.

Initially Susan’s clients wanted a wood fireplace, but due to a number of reasons – including building codes – this wasn’t possible, and Susan presented them with the option of an EcoSmart Fire.

I am a big fan of EcoSmart Fire and believe in their products,” she says. “I find EcoSmart the easiest to work with and the most beautiful.

Susan, Susan Jay Design

Keeping in line with the design of the home, which Susan describes as having a mid-Century modern vibe, she worked closely with artisan Corey Springer from New York’s acclaimed Wüd Furniture Design to come up with a concept.

“I wanted a cabinet that wouldn’t bring attention to the firebox, but that would integrate into the room,” Susan says. “We wanted a piece of furniture which was both lovely to look at and which would have function.”

The result is a custom-made, suspended cabinet which incorporates the stainless steel firebox with XL700 burner. “I chose a firebox which would have the right size and configuration. With this model, you can build around it, plus the longer flame fitted the profile of this project.”

Susan also wanted colour and visual texture, and Corey suggested rich-hued Australian Walnut – a non-endangered timber – for the cabinetry. Corey then created a lacquer top to further enhance the tones. To ensure consistency, Australian Walnut was also used for the custom-made bed and nightstands. “I love the markings and colour of the wood,” Susan says.

And to subtly lift the colour of the cabinet even more, coloured glass rocks were placed in the area surrounding the stainless steel burner.

“Another objective was to have visual interest; something that wasn’t completely symmetrical,” Susan adds. “It’s why the left side compartment of the cabinet is open and the right side is closed.” The left side serves as a bookshelf, while the right compartment creates storage for the fire starter tool along with an extra bottle of bioethanol.”

The cabinet was made in New York by Wüd Furniture Design and then transported to Los Angeles. “The installation was brilliant very simple,” adds Susan.