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A successful banker based in the centre of London, Sebastien Gianfermi and his architect-trained wife refurbished a 19th century, Regency penthouse into a sophisticated two-level family home. The iconic British style of architecture was given a much-needed modern makeover that not only breathed new life into the building but also captured the couple’s signature style.

In keeping with the two-story apartment’s elegant clean lines and contemporary furnishings, Sebastien chose EcoSmart Fire’s 1200SS firebox for the upstairs living area.

“We needed a fireplace that not only fitted into a specially made setting but also had to accommodate a sound system in its construction,” Sebastien explains.

“This particular model not only slots beautifully into the snug space, the long, elegant flame complements the slick design of the flat.”

Sebastien Gianfermi

Part of EcoSmart Fire’s fireplace inserts range, this stainless steel, zero clearance firebox includes a built-in stainless steel bench to house the EcoSmart XL900 Burner. And, like all EcoSmart Fires, the 1200SS model does not require any form of permanent fixture or fitting, such as a flue for ventilation, a permanent gas connection, or fixed utility for fuel supply.

The end result is a stunning indoor centrepiece that seamlessly integrates into the sleek space. “We were after a wide fireplace to fit beneath a 50-inch LED screen, and which could be incorporated into the HIFI joinery,” explains Sebastien.

“It fits very well. The result is fantastic.”

Using environmentally friendly, bioethanol liquid fuel means there’s no damaging smoke or harmful emissions, making it the perfect choice for this growing family. This also means that all of the heat generated during combustion stays in the open-plan room – resulting in an incredibly efficient heating system.

“While our decision was primarily driven by theneed of a flu-less fireplace, the environmental aspect was definitely a plus,” adds Sebastien.


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Specifier: Sebastien Gianfermi