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This year we are celebrating 20 YEARS of EcoSmart Fire!
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MiCorp is a Sydney building company with a clear objective – to build and provide quality homes and renovations with a personalised service that exceeds expectations. Not a declaration to be made lightly, MiCorp prides itself on listening to clients to together create beautiful architecturally-designed homes, renovations or landscaped gardens.

Con Mihas founded MiCorp Builders Pty Ltd in 1996 and transforms architectural dreams into reality. And as a builder, he practices what he preaches.

Seeing is believing

“I have worked with corporations, professionals and consumers on building projects for the last 20 years. If I could summarise what all customers want, it is a personalised service on time and to budget. And if they could see what they want to create before they build, they would do so every time,” says Con.

It’s one of the reasons Con selected an EcoSmart Fire to install at his own home, for a stunning entrance statement and as a showpiece for customers to appreciate the dramatic effect of a fire in situ. The outdoor fire, set against a water falling sheet, combines the four elements of earth, water, air and fire to spectacular results.

“Water and fire are opposites that work brilliantly together. The structure has been built so I can alternate the focus from fire to water depending on the mood or season. Being able to showcase this fire to clients in this way, is just the start with clients eager to explore how they could emulate the same look and feel,” Con says.

Making a statement

Whether hosting a party or just a night with friends, a stunning entrance ‘sets the scene.’

“I love the fact that the fire makes a statement before anyone has set foot in the house. It’s a great talking point and the feedback I’ve had has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s the sort of feature people feel they have to comment on. It creates a lasting memory which clients love as well,” Con adds.

Seamless integration

Con used a BK5 burner built into a concrete floating bench with stainless steel features and finished with water plants. Working with elements such as fire and water meant everything needed to be assembled and built with pinpoint accuracy. The end result was a free-flowing water feature alongside a backdrop of mosaic tiles which flicker orange and yellow in the darkness behind the elegant flame.

“I have used EcoSmart Fires for clients in the past and was attracted to the way the fire can combine to dramatic effect with a water feature. The warmth of the fire and the bright light of a flickering flame draws people in, and creates a welcome environment for a drink and a chat – day or night.”

Con Mihas, MiCorp Builders Pty Ltd