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This year we are celebrating 20 YEARS of EcoSmart Fire!
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EcoSmart Fire is well placed at Criniti’s. The FAMILY chain of Italian restaurants in Sydney prides itself on offering the best of the best – and with EcoSmart Fires installed in two of the four restaurants, they are in good company, whether it’s Ducati motorcycles suspended from the ceiling in one of the restaurants, or a Ferrari engine forming the structure for the light fitting in the private dining room.

The eclectic collection is partnered with exquisite tasting Southern Italian cuisine. From humble beginnings of ‘Mamma Rosa’s’ recipes that remain true today, and ‘Papa Cosimo’s’ vegetable garden, Frank Criniti has established four successful restaurants around Sydney, in Parramatta, Darling Harbour, Castle Hill and Woolloomooloo – and a fifth planned to open in 2013 in Manly.

In creating Criniti’s restaurants in Darling Harbour and Castle Hill, Frank Criniti made the decision to install EcoSmart Fires and elected to use XL900 burner. And with the restaurants’ rough furnishings, deep tones and unique features, the real life dancing flames in their steel casings are perfectly positioned against the traditional, large woodfired ovens and chefs weaving their magic on their latest pizza creation.

The ethanol burners in both restaurants are prominently located in expansive custom-made stone and timber benches which delineate the open kitchens, preparation and serving areas. The elongated flames sit behind a bespoke swirling steel grille, with the Criniti’s logo clearly embossed above the eye-catching centrepiece.

The EcoSmart Fires are fitting for a room where every aspect is considered for its impact, from a wall feature combining a 2010 F1 Ferrari manifold with carbon ceramic front brakes of a 599 GTB Fiorano, to football jerseys from the best in the world. All of Criniti’s restaurants have an unrivaled ‘wow’ factor.

“As part of the service industry, it can never be good enough; there is always room for improvement,” says Frank Criniti.

And talk they do. Criniti’s Facebook page has over 35,000 likes, and social media provides a platform to showcase their newest dish with expert imagery, or photographs of the latest party. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, patrons are enjoying the opportunity to share just how much they enjoyed Criniti’s dining experience.

“Every Criniti restaurant captures new and inspiring elements be it subtle or overt. With so many different items on display, patrons have a different take on the ambiance every time they visit, whether they are football, motorsport or food and wine enthusiasts, and that’s what people enjoy,” says Frank.

“The EcoSmart Fire combines the essential elements of being environmentally friendly and a sustainable feature, without compromising on style. At Criniti’s, we never compromise and always deliver the best. The EcoSmart Fire fits our philosophy completely.”

Frank Criniti, Owner