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It’s described as one of Berlin’s top 10 cocktail bars, and the Shochu in Berlin is fast becoming as well known for its classic and exotic cocktails as it is for the sleek and sophisticated interiors. Located near the Brandenburg gate, in the Adlon Hotel and adjacent to the renowned Uma Restaurant, Shochu was created by acclaimed designer Anne Maria Jagdfeld.

Anne Maria is known for her distinctive and exquisite taste when it comes to interior design. Her style is genuine luxury that is subtle and relaxed with a focus on high quality materials, first class workmanship and a matchless combination of classic shapes and modern design. And the Shochu Bar is testament to this unique style.

In the words of Martina Rink, fashion guru and fashion director of Mode magazine, Anne Maria “has given the Shochu a desirable living room atmosphere.”

Helping create this atmosphere is the specially built, double-sided EcoSmart fireplace which takes pride of place at the heart of Shochu. To create the centrepiece, Anne Maria used an EcoSmart 900DB firebox set into a timber-panelled pylon with a toughened glass screen.

“The indoor fireplace is an important component in the design of the bar. It is located in the centre of the bar, a special part of the restaurant,” Anne Maria says. “It builds the visual focus when you approach the room and is the centre of attention.

“The firebox 900DB has a simple and elegant design and a double opening, which enables the fire to be seen from around the room.”

Anne Maria has created an interior infused with elegance, combining Asian furnishings and antique wall coverings. “The simplicity of the fireplace insert fits this perfectly,” she says.

“The design of the fire is modern and simple but it still offers the comfort of a traditional fireplace and provides atmospheric warmth and comfort.”

The fire and its unique setting perfectly complement the dark wood, leather, slate and chocolate colour scheme, not to mention the illuminated glass catwalk which leads into the bar. Comfortable sofas and plush stools further enhance the warmth of the space.

“The fireplace is an important component in the design of the bar. It builds the visual focus when you approach the room and is the centre of attention.”

Anne Maria Jagdfeld

The environmental credentials of the EcoSmart Fire also influenced Anne Maria’s decision in using the product. “We hope to use EcoSmart Fire again in one of our hotel projects,” she says. “There’s a great spectrum of models.”