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XL900 Silicone Burner Cover

Starts at $75.00

All weather protection

Specially designed silicone outdoor fire pit covers for protecting ethanol burners from the elements when the EcoSmart fire pit isn’t in use. Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and keep the fire pit burner looking great.

The XL900 Burner Cover is available in multiple sizes and shapes to fit all EcoSmart outdoor burners and trays.

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Key Features

Harsh weather protection

Whether rain, snow, hail, dust or sun, EcoSmart’s burner covers safeguard against all conditions.


Protects against the weather; minimises the chance of burners being scratched during times of storage. Also prevents water getting into the burner and mixing with the ethanol fuel or overfilling the burner.


Made from high quality, sturdy black silicone.

Easy to use

Simple to put on and remove.

Technical Specifications


  • Model Dimensions in [mm] L 9.4in [240mm] W 39.4in [1000mm] H 0.1in [2mm]
  • Application Outdoor
  • Materials Silicone Rubber

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