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4 ways to customize your fireplace

EcoSmart Fire BK5 Ethanol Burner

Design a custom firebox

Every space is unique and so should be the fire design at its center. EcoSmart Fire's newly available custom fireboxes allow you to create a fire design specific to your requirements. These made to order fireboxes give you unparalleled flexibility in design while maintaining the ease of installation and use of our standard firebox sizes. This custom made three sided fire design increases name visibility and makes the surrounding space feel more open. use in partition walls for both residential and commercial spaces.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner Range

Frame the flame

From polished marble to hand hammered EcoSmart Fires can be framed by any number of materials.

EcoSmart Fire Manhattan 50 fire table

Take it off the wall

Create one of a kind "fire furniture" by incorporating our Bioethanol Burners into your designs. Chairs, benches, tables and more can all be fitted with an EcoSmart Fire.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 ethanol burner

Forego the firebox

Keep the focus on just the fire by installing a clean burning Bioethanol Burner without a firebox. Ideal for creating a minimalistic aesthetic or for rooms with minimal space.