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Flex Fireplaces vs Gas Fireplaces

Top 3 reasons why homeowners, builders, architects and designers choose Flex Series over Gas Fireplaces.

Providing endless design flexibility and installation freedom to interior designers, architects, builders, landscapers and homeowners, EcoSmart’s Flex Fireplace Series ensures your next commercial project or residential renovation includes a captivating fire feature.

Why Flex?


1. Easy Installation

Powered by clean burning bioethanol fuel, Flex Fireplaces require no gas line, no electricity, no venting, and no hole in the envelope of the dwelling. Just secure the fireplace in the framework, finish the surround, and it’s ready for use.


2. Design Freedom

We developed Flex Series as a time saving and cost effective solution to building a custom fireplace. Flex features 150 ready to go fireplaces that fit the needs of almost any project. With no venting and a zero clearance construction, you can now install a fireplace where you never could before - making it ideal for new construction and remodel.


3. No Call Backs

Gas fireplaces require servicing every 12-18 months and can have costly repairs. With no inaccessible moving parts, Flex Fireplaces are maintenance free. Flex even works in power outages for the ultimate reliability.

How to choose yours in 3 simple steps

Want to learn more about our Flex Fireplaces? Visit our Flex Series page or contact our team.