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Eco-friendly fuel, ease of operation and low running costs were the must-haves for a Sydney entrepreneur who converted a wood-burning fireplace in a Federation property using a Scope 700 Grate from the EcoSmart collection.

“I previously had a working wood-burning fireplace that was messy to operate and not good for the environment,” he says.

“I wanted to breathe new life into the fireplace and convert it in a way that was eco-friendly.

“Needless to say, I was pleased to discover EcoSmart's Scope 700. Not only is it powered by a clean burning fuel, but it heats the space comfortably, without any mess, smoke or odour - and the flame is fantastic”

Convenience and ease of operation were other requirements on his wish list:

“I wanted a fireplace that required very little – if any – maintenance, heated the room well and which could be easily installed. The Scope 700 Grate met all my requirements and it’s incredibly straightforward to use.”

Sydney Entrepreneur

Removing the existing wood grill, closing the dampener and inserting the new grate converted the working wood fireplace quickly and easily. The indoor fireplace was functioning within minutes.

“Converting my wood fireplace to a contemporary EcoSmart Fire was hassle-free,” the entrepreneur adds.


  • Country: Australia
  • Client: Sydney Entrepreneur