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Beautiful, eco-conscious design is at the heart of everything that multi award-winning, Miami-based architectural and interior design firm Pepe Calderin Design touches. So when Pepe discovered ethanol-fuelled EcoSmart Fires it was a defining moment.

“Nature and the environment are a big influence on my designs, so the fact that EcoSmart is so eco-conscious was the icing on the cake,” he says.

“For me, some of the best aspects of EcoSmart Fire are its eco-conscious design, ease of installation and the hassle-free maintenance process for clients. I have a very modern design aesthetic – EcoSmart Fire suits it perfectly, both visually and in its modern forward-thinking technology.”

Pepe, who specialises in both high-end residential and commercial projects throughout the US, has utilised EcoSmart Fires in a number of projects on the east and west coasts, including a magnificent home on Fisher Island off Miami.

For this project Pepe created a double sided fireplace, using three Ecosmart Fire burners and toughened glass. The indoor fireplace is set into the wall with marble surrounds, and features a hearth made from frosted glass backlit with eco-friendly LED lights and strips of stainless steel.

“It definitely elevated the design of the fireplace by making it even more modern, and offered the clients a special focal point that also happens to deliver great performance,” Pepe says.

“My clients loved the EcoSmart Fire because they are easier to use and maintain than regular fireplaces. EcoSmart Fires also gave me the ability to build fireplaces without a smokestack.”

Pepe Calderin, Pepe Calderin Design

Pepe also values the simplicity of EcoSmart Fire design.

“The contained flames and the simple design of the surrounds are very well balanced and can be adapted to any environment the client requires. I also like the variety of options and how you can choose between continuous flame and separate units,” he says. “I have recommended EcoSmart Fire to clients and designers and will do so in the future.”