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10 top reasons to buy a fire table

Fire Pit Tables

Love a fire pit but also want one that doubles as a table? Well it’s lucky that fire pit design has evolved majorly over the years! Enter the Fire Pit Table.

A Fire Pit Table (also known as a Fire Table) is just that: it’s a fire pit AND a table. A multi-functional 2-in-1 design that combines the beauty of a fire pit and the function of a table.

The team at EcoSmart Fire have been busy developing outdoor (and indoor) fireplace solutions since they unveiled their first ethanol fireplace in 2004. They understand that homeowners and hospitality operators want a centrepiece for their outdoor spaces and have expanded their Fire Pit collection to include a series of Fire Table models. They have also introduced the Triple Fuel option* to give gas outdoor fireplace solutions.

“EcoSmart Fire Tables give you the best of both worlds; they’re part table and part fire pit, providing a welcoming and captivating centrepiece,” explains Stephane Thomas, creator of EcoSmart Fire. “We have continued to expand our range to cater for a wide variety of needs – whether it’s in a residential or hospitality setting. We started with coffee table fire pits and now offer an extensive collection of contemporary, freestanding fire tables with a myriad of different shapes, heights and sizes. At their core is a fire pit, with different configurations and wide surrounds to accommodate drinks and plates of food – all with a mesmerising flame as the centrepiece.

“And the beauty of these ventless outdoor fireplaces is that they’re designed to position chairs around them to further enhance their use as a gathering point. For example, our elevated Gin 90 Dining Fire Pit Table is perfectly proportioned to place dining chairs around, our Gin 90 Bar Fire Pit Table is the ideal height to pair with bar stools or to use as a standalone and practical design feature, while you can arrange outdoor lounge or individual chairs around our lower-set fire coffee/chat tables to further enhance your outdoor oasis.”

Here are the 10 top reasons to buy a multi-functional EcoSmart Fire Pit Table:

  1. Enhanced outdoor living areas: with our homes’ outdoor living environments getting more attention than ever since the pandemic began, Fire Pits and Fire Pit Tables are playing an even greater role. They provide ambiance, create cosy and warm living spaces, beautifully illuminate the space and provide inviting areas for entertaining, relaxing or for family get-togethers.
  2. Variety: round, square or rectangular shaped; compact burners or elongated – the choice is yours. Depending on the size and style of your patio, deck, terrace, backyard or courtyard, there are more compact or larger Fire Tables available.
  3. Different heights: EcoSmart Fire Tables come in a range of sizes, depending on the size of your outdoor living space and your needs. There are round-shaped, square shaped and rectangular coffee table and chat height fire pit tables, dining-style fire tables and bar height fire tables.
  4. Eco-friendly: available in clean-burning, environmentally friendly ethanol (also known as bioethanol), Liquid Propane Gas (for portable fires) or natural gas (for built-in Fire Tables)*. No sparks, no embers, no soot, no smoke, no mess to worry about.
  5. Versatility: EcoSmart is renowned for its vent-free ethanol fireplaces – and what it means is there are no connections, meaning they can be installed just about anywhere in your outdoor – or indoor – setting. They’re a portable source of warmth and ambiance. LPG* fires also provide a portable Fire Pit Table solution, while plumbed natural gas* will allow you to install a built-in outdoor fireplace.
  6. Durability: EcoSmart Fire Tables are constructed from sturdy, weather-resistant materials including sleek Fluid™ Concrete – available in natural, graphite or bone colours – and beautiful, warm-toned teak. They’re ideal for use in outdoor settings – whether it’s by a pool, on a patio or terrace, or in a courtyard. And they’re perfect of residential and hospitality settings.
  7. No installation costs: a freestanding ethanol or LPG* Fire Pit Table doesn’t need to be built into a wall or have a hearth, which means no installation expenses. EcoSmart Fire Tables are easy to set up and position in your outdoor area – and they’ll begin producing warmth as soon as you light/turn them on.
  8. Enhanced property values: one of the trends to come out of the pandemic is the new appreciation we have for our homes – and particularly outdoor living areas. As a result, home buyers are increasingly wanting outdoor amenities like fire pits, pools and spas – and that’s boosting home values. “The demand for both portable and built-in fire table solutions has certainly increased since 2020,” says Thomas. “Our Fire Pit Kits are ideal for creating a stunning, tailor-made, permanent, built-in solution that can help enhance the appeal and value of a home.”
  9. Safety: EcoSmart’s collection of Fire Pit Tables have been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and they are O-TL listed to UL1370 in the USA, Certified for the EU and UK in accordance with EN16647, and they satisfy the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.
  10. Fire Pit Table accessories: EcoSmart Fire has thought of everything to help enhance the use and enjoyment of your Fire Table – from decorative black glass charcoal (designed to withstand harsh weather and high temperatures) that surrounds the stainless steel burner and adds ‘colour’ and dimension, toughened glass wind screen that surrounds the flame, lighting tools (for ethanol models), to all-weather winter storage bags / fire covers to protect your fireplace during the seasons.
*fuel options vary depending on country regulations.