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Electric Fireplace Inserts

A cost-effective alternative to gas or wood fireplaces.

EcoSmart Fire's Electric Series provides builders, architects, designers and homeowners with a realistic flame solution that can be easilly installed in residential and commercial spaces at a fraction of the operating costs when compared to gas or wood fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces

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Key Features

Realistic flame solution

Emits the same captivating, dancing flame - without the messy soot, smoke or ash.

Safe alternative

Cool to touch with heat on or off, it's also a safe option for residential living rooms and commercial spaces.

High-tech screen

An LED touch screen mountable to the wall provides a range of features that will allow you to adjust heat levels.

Remote control convenience

Easy to setup with fingertip control - each model comes with a sleek remote control.

Multiple configurations

Choose from a ranging fire to ambiant backlighting by simply pressing a button.

Enjoy it year-round

Adjustable heat settings for an enjoyable fire experience all year round, even in summer.

Ambiance less the cost

Electric fires offer the ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the costs associated with installing and operating one.

Space usage

Space saving designs ideal for condominiums, lofts, and apartments.

Add value to your property

The presence of a fireplace in your house increases the value of your home


Features the latest technology and realism for a stunning addition to the home.

Maximum efficiency

Our electric fireplace collection consumes the same energy as a light bulb.

Cutting edge technology

Our electric fires produce a lifelike dancing flame and a luxurious ambiance ideal for hotel guestrooms and amenity spaces.