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Warm even the coolest
of evenings
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EcoSmart Fire Gas Burner Systems

Featuring over 55,000 BTUs of heat output, our natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LP) burners will warm even the coolest of evenings. Easy to assemble and even easier to maintain, our NG/LP burners are UL/ULC listed, made from 304 stainless steel and feature baffles for flame stability.

Our unique burner port design ensures a superior flame pattern and experience each and every use. Gas burners ship ready for use as Propane and can easily be converted to natural Gas using the included conversion kit.

Push Button Ignition

Operating our NG and LP burners is a breeze thanks to our easy to use, battery powered push button ignition.


Gas (NG/LP) burners are for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.

Temperature Control

Adjusting flame height and temperature is simple - turn the knob on the control panel to change your temperature. For added safety, use the included key rather than knob and remove as needed.

EcoSmart Fire Gas Burner

Flame Stability and Quality

NG and LP burner systems feature vertical baffles for flame stability no matter the conditions and all NG/LP fire features ship with included Black Glass Charcoal. Specifically chosen for its fire-safe properties and ability to disperse heat, Black Glass Charcoal allows gas and propane to travel through the jagged rocks for a superior flame.

Martini Fire Table by EcoSmart Fire
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Save 20% OFF + Free Shipping
on all freestanding fireplaces.
20% OFF + Free Shipping
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